About Us

With dignity, professionalism and ethics we ensure your excellent service.
As a guarantee for our customers is the organized and integrated business which our office offers.
With our extensive experience of the Greek reality, which is necessary for proper organization and with respect to the customer, we ensure a pleasant cooperation with guaranteed results.

The Real Estate under the name Makris Real Estate, founded in April 1994 by Vasilios Makris. Since its inception, the company operates in the service industry and specifically as real estate agency. Business owner is businessman Vasiliosl Makris who has extensive presence in brokerage services.
Our agency Makris Real Estate dynamically evolving in the market of real estate located in Athens at the corner Kapodistrioy 38 & September 3rd, 23 which is housed in its own offices. The organizational structure and operation of the business covers the following areas:

- Markets - Real Estate

- Leasing Real Estate

- Property valuations /Exeprt Certified PSUR Greece.

- Sales - Purchases - Granting Land

- Issue Mortgage

- Legal Guidance from colleagues attorneys who specialize in real estate transactions as well as notaries partners with experience in contract drafting process with objective and solution any procedural problems.

We use our brand «MAKRIS REAL ESTATE» continuously from the start of our business in 1994 as a name, and we have since 2007 become beneficiaries of this signal with ensuring the final decision of the Administrative Trademark Committee of the Ministry of Development.

Recently caught our eye the use of this brand and our brand name, particularly in the context of the internet, from a person that had not the right to use this, of course without our permission.

With an injunction temporarily forced the defendant: a) to withdraw and cease all use of the distinctive title «MAKRIS REAL ESTATE» or «E. MAKRIS REAL ESTATE »or« E.G. MAKRIS REAL ESTATE »or another similar to it, b) to withdraw all relevant brochures, signs, forms of contracts, invoices, letters and stamps being released and which shall show the phrase« MAKRIS REAL ESTATE »or« E. MAKRIS REAL ESTATE »or« E.G. MAKRIS REAL ESTATE », c) advertise or offer under the above distinctive features of his services as a Real Estate Agent both on the Internet and in any other form (plates, registrations in the press, price lists, flyers, business cards, letterheads), d ) not to make a new registration of the domain name (domain name) on the Internet, with the indication «www.makrisrealestate.gr», or other comparable containing the word «makris».

Moreover, the Court ordered the provider of  the domain name  to temporarily disable the domain name  that at  the suggestion of the first respondent or third party, to the activation of another (new) domain name that contains primarily the distinctive trait and mark of the applicant «Makris Real Estate» and secondly the name of the applicant, ie «Makris» by stating the specific professional capacity as a real estate agent.

Moreover, ordered by decision of the President of NTPC or his legal deputy, temporarily disabling the domain name «www.makrisrealestate.gr», forcing defendants to temporarily fail in the future to carry out the above operations.

Finally, threatened against the defendant to prison two (2) months, a penalty in our favor one thousand (1,000) euros for each violation of this decision.

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